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Buy RBS from the RobustSwap decentralized exchange
The RobustSwap token (RBS) is tradable on the RobustSwap decentralized exchange.

How to buy

Visit the RobustSwap exchange page:

Connect Wallet

Connect your supported wallet:
RobustSwap: Connect with a supported wallet


After connecting, ensure that you have sufficient balance for your transaction and enough BNB to cover the transaction fees.
RobustSwap: Balance


Update transaction slippage from the settings menu:
Buy Slippage: 6%
Sell Slippage: 8%
NOTE: When trading the RobustSwap token (RBS), your transaction cannot be front-run by bots due to our anti-bot feature. Even with incorrect slippage settings, your RBS transaction is protected from front-running bots.
RobustSwap: Slippage settings


Select RBS from the currency list, input the desire amounts and complete the swap
RobustSwap: Input transaction amount