Future development plans for RobustSwap decentralized exchange

So many lessons have been learned since the launch of the Robust Token (RBT), and as we navigate the ever-changing DeFi landscape, the Robust Protocol team is focused on creating and implementing more innovative products.

As part of our desire to continue to innovate, we will be implementing the following features in the RobustSwap decentralized exchange (DEX):

Automated Market Maker (AMM) – Q1 2022:

During launch, the RobustSwap DEX will utilize the PancakeSwap factory and router smart contracts for swap and liquidity provision. While this is ideal in the short-term to attract more investors to RobustSwap, we will be migrating to our own factory and router contracts.

This migration will allow us to gain control of the fees generated from transacting on the RobustSwap DEX. Generated fees can be used to incentivize users of the RobustSwap DEX and to further develop the Robust Protocol ecosystem.

RobustSwap UI Improvements – (Q1 2022)

We will be making several tweaks to the RobustSwap DEX user interface for a smoother and more user-friendly trading experience.

RobustSwap Vault – (Q1 2022)

Auto-compounding pools that generate yields from users’ assets.

RobustSwap Limit Order – (Q1 2022)

RobustSwap users will be able to setup future price targets to automatically trade assets.

Robust Protocol Bridge – (Q2 2022)

Seamlessly swap and transfer assets across multiple chains including BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon.

RobustSwap App – (Q3 2022)

Mobile app for the RobustSwap DEX for both Android and iOS devices.


Please note that this roadmap is subject to change without any prior notice and estimated delivery dates are NOT guaranteed.

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