Estimated launch date.

The final launch date for the RobustSwap DEX is set to Thursday, November 11, 2021.

Trading and farming the RobustSwap Token (RBS) will commence at block #12562243:

At launch, 930 RBS will be minted for initial liquidity and bootstrapping.

Total Initial Liquidity: 576 RBS

  • RBS/BUSD Liquidity Pair: 288 RBS / 2800 BUSD

  • RBS/BNB Liquidity Pair: 288 RBS / 5 BNB

RBW Bootstrapping: 354 RBS

No pre-sale

No pre-mine

Fair launch

The launch price for the RobustSwap Token (RBS) is $10.

RBS/BNB and RBS/BUSD initial liquidity will be provided before launch. However, trading RBS will only be possible at launch.

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