Delayed execution for sensitive operations

RobustSwap Timelock Contract

RobustSwap has implemented a 24-hour minimum delay contract for all sensitive operations:


RobustSwap Token (RBS) Operator

The operator of the RBS contract wields a great amount of powers over the functionalities of the RBS token.

While only the owner of the RBS contract i.e., the RobustSwap MasterChef can mint RBS, the following changes can be made by the operator of the RBS contract:

  • Updating or disabling transaction tax and setting the applicable rates for buy and sell transaction.

  • Updating or disabling transfer limit and setting the applicable rates.

  • Updating or disabling automatic liquidity generation settings.

  • Updating and setting a new router address (required for AMM migration).

  • Withdrawing LP tokens from the RBS contract (required for AMM migration)

  • Withdrawing any other token excluding the RBS token that was accidentally sent to the RBS contract.

  • Burning part or all RBS stored in the contract from transaction tax.

  • Update or disable BOTGUARD.

Owing to the sensitivity of the above operations and the impact that it can have on the RBS token, the operator of the RobustSwap Token (RBS) contract will be transferred to the RobustSwap Timelock Contract after launch and initial configurations.

RobustSwap MasterChef

The RobustSwap MasterChef does not have a migrator code and users’ staked LP or tokens can only be withdrawn by the user who provided them.

However, the following settings in the MasterChef contract can impact users’ RBS earnings:

  • Changes to the emission rate.

  • Updating allocation rate.

  • Adding or removing pools.

  • Updating deposit fee.

  • Updating harvest interval.

  • Updating or disabling the referral commission rate.

The ownership of the RobustSwap MasterChef will be transferred to the RobustSwap Timelock contract after launch and initial configurations. This ensures that no arbitrary changes can be implemented without a 24-hour delay.

RobustSwap Referral

The ownership of the RobustSwap Referral contract will be transferred to the RobustSwap Timelock contract after launch and initial configuration.

Privileged functions such and setting a new operator or withdrawing accidentally sent tokens to the Referral contract will only be possible after a minimum 24-hour delay.

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