Single transaction amount limit setting

RobustSwap Token (RBS) is whale friendly. However, there is a set limit for transaction size to manage the price impact of any single transaction.

At launch, any transaction that exceeds 1% of the RBS total supply will be rejected. As the total supply increases, this ratio will be reduced to reflect the new supply.

The current limit information can be found under the "RBS Transaction Limit" section on our homepage.

The price limit percentage is given in relation to the total supply.

For Example:

  • 1% of 1,000 RBS total Supply = 10 RBS limit

  • 0.1% of 10,000 RBS Total Supply = 100 RBS limit

Irrespective of this limit, it is still possible to break up a large transaction into several smaller transactions.

Also, there is no artificial restriction to what percentage of the circulating supply that a single holder can represent. The free market will be allowed to adjust itself accordingly.

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