Transaction front-running and flash-loan attack protection

For a long time, bots front-running transactions has been a major problem in the DeFi space.

Transaction front-running by bots is caused by the varying amount of transaction taxes charged between projects and investors not adjusting their slippage settings correctly as they transition and transact between projects.

Incorrectly set slippage allows front-running bots to capitalize on this mistake by jumping in front of the transaction queue and causing a loss to the investor.

We have developed a revolutionary security protocol called the "BotGuard" which protects our investors from being front-run by bots, even with incorrect slippage settings.

When initialized, BotGuard forces a delay that prevents a user from making multiple transactions within the same block. The number of blocks delay can be adjusted should the need arise.

This delay will not impact the experience of regular users, who normally do not make multiple transactions in split seconds like all bots do.

BotGuard has equally been implemented in our Master Chef contract to prevent flash-loan attacks. The RobustSwap Master Chef is the first to implement this feature in the DeFi space.

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