RBS Token

RobustSwap Token (RBS)


The RBS token is the native token of the Robustswap decentralized exchange (DEX).

RBS can be earned by providing liquidity, staking, and referring others to RobustSwap.

Basic Information

  • Token Name: RobustSwap Token

  • Symbol: RBS

  • Contract Address: 0x95336aC5f7E840e7716781313e1607F7C9D6BE25

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

  • Max Supply: 106 050

  • Mining: 105 120

  • Initial Liquidity: 576

  • Airdrop: 354

  • Launch Price: $10 BUSD per RBS

Main Features

RBS is highly customizable to allow for future development, integration, and partnerships. All available features can be customized as required, subject to timelock delays.

  • Anti-bot

  • Automatic liquidity

  • Automatic Sell

  • Transfer Tax

  • Transfer Limit

  • Anti-dumping

  • Limited supply

  • Limited emission

  • Smart Burning

  • Harvest Interval

Emission Rate

  • 0.01 RBS per Block

  • 10% allocated to the team

  • 1% referral commission

  • ≥ 316 RBS per day

Hard Cap

We have strategically structured RBS to be hyper-deflationary and pro-liquidity, in line with the Robust Protocol ecosystem desire to prevent the excessive dilution of investments and for the promotion of growth and value.

RBS has a hard cap total supply of 106 050 of which a total of 105 120 RBS will be mined through liquidity provision, staking pools, team allocation, and referral commission.

RBS mining duration is scheduled to last for approximately 332 days, after which no more RBS can be created.

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