Important Announcements

MasterChef Ownership Transfer

Nov-12-2021 04:24:33 AM +UTC

In line with standard yield farming security procedures, the RobustSwap MasterChef ownership has been transferred to the RobustSwap Timelock Contract.

All configurational changes to the RobustSwap MasterChef will now be subject to a 24-hour delay before implementation.

Dev Allocation Transferred to RBS Contract

Nov-15-2021 06:21:14 AM +UTC

As we all know, 10% of all RBS emissions goes to the Dev wallet. This is a standard practice in DeFi to generate resources needed to grow the project.

In our desire to ensure more liquidity in this early stage of RobustSwap, we have transferred the total Dev allocation since launch to the RBS contract for automatic RBS/BNB liquidity generation.

In future, the Dev allocation will be used for marketing, airdrops, promotions, partnerships and implementing the RobustSwap roadmap.

Automatic Liquidity Updated

Nov-15-2021 06:30:40 AM +UTC

The automatic liquidity generation settings have been updated.

Previously, automatic RBS/BNB liquidity was only generated when the value of the RBS accrued from transaction tax was sufficient to add 0.1 BNB worth of liquidity.

We have updated the automatic liquidity settings to generate 1 BNB worth of liquidity from transaction tax. This change is necessary in view of the current price of the RBS and the total transaction tax accrued in the RBS contract.

We will continue to monitor the effect of this change and will make adjustments as required.

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