Smart Burning

Effective burning mechanism

Burning tokens in crypto is a norm. What is not addressed is whether it is an effective way to accomplish a stable price growth, which is the main reason tokens are burned.

Furthermore, from extensive research and rigorous tests, it is clear that buying back and burning tokens is a complete waste of resources.

RBS is designed with liquidity generation at the core rather than unnecessary token burns.

Nevertheless, RBS token burns can occur in two ways:

RBS Transaction Tax Burn

If transaction tax is enabled, all, part or none of the transaction tax is burned depending on the tax burn rate setting.

RBS Contract Balance Burn

If transaction tax burn rate setting is below 100%, all generated transaction tax amount is sent to the RBS contract. This amount is used for both auto-liquidity generation and auto-sell.

A feature to burn part or all generated tax stored in the RBS contract is available.

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